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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

October 8, 2009 : Suzy Scarborough

Suzy Scarborough : artist statement

I am currently working on three distinct bodies of work: collage abstracts, gold leaf geometrics, and figures. Although they differ in appearance and technique, they are related in thematic content: inner reality as opposed to outer reality; the natural/organic as opposed to mathematical/abstract; material as opposed to conceptual/symbolic. The collage pieces begin with pages from old books I find at antique stores. I especially like “self educator” books from the 19th century; these intrinsically carry the theme of the changing nature of “cultural reality” and human concepts. In painting these pieces I had no final image in mind, but instead searched intuitively to determine where to place each paint stroke. My attention shifted naturally back and forth from defining form to harmonizing the many divergent colors. As the pieces took shape I noticed that they seemed to turn into landscapes, sometimes an open area surrounded by land masses, sometimes a spiraling stream of energy (air, water, fog?). The gold leaf pieces seem to be all about harmonizing and balancing color and shapes. They suggest many different concepts using the very limited means of pure line and color. The figures are psychological studies, meant to represent woman as subject rather than object. My women are actively engaged and conscious--- they are never merely an object to be viewed and admired; they must be reckoned with.

Techniques and Processes

Collage pieces I collage book pages on to wood panels, then paint over them with acrylic, crackle paste, watercolor pencils, and/or india ink. They are finished with epoxy resin.

Gold Leaf pieces I draw an organic usually plant based drawing on a wood panel. I drip epoxy over the drawing to create the three-dimensional shapes. I then apply red gesso and gold leaf. Over this I draw and paint the geometric shapes. I finish each piece with a coat of epoxy resin.

Figure pieces Usually a mixture of techniques. I paint from photographic sources using acrylic paint, charcoal, watercolor pencils, and crackle paste.

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