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Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Everlast" Collaborative work of Virginia Scotchie & Bri Kinard Opening at ART+CAYCE

Titled EVERLAST, the absorbing and spirited exhibition sponsored by ART+ CAYCE features ceramic sculptures by Virginia Scotchie and Bri Kinard. Having completed a BFA under Scotchie, Carolina Distinguished Professor of Art at USC, Kinard is now completing an MFA at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The Scotchie-Kinard collaboration manifests a passion for experimental forms, especially of tools. Scotchie is internationally praised for her inventive manipulation of tool shapes—as well as their internal/inverse forms: cones, bisected angles, squared off cylinders, and tubular excrescences. Kinard has found her own voice, sculpting bone-line archeological “artifacts.” Scotchie has mastered glazing, and Kinard has adapted this expert training to her own body of work. Together in EVERLAST, they have slip-coated and glazed industrial mopheads. Once the thick fibers are burned out, the technique yields the most astonishing ropes of intense color. The powerful surfaces flow in more than one sense. They are sinuous, gravid roots with an iridescent oily patina. The green figures resemble dense Martian wisteria vines. Experiencing these sculptures is like scuba-diving in the Great Barrier Reef and  encountering fabulous drifts of textured ossified spines. The fluid, mesmerizing forms suggest eternal duration or eternity, and the title EVERLAST derives from this implicit agelessness. Although one can perceive elements of both artists’ work, together they have created a fresh genre that departs in surprising ways from the exceptional art they have already produced. EVERLAST opens on Friday 11 November at Compass 5 Partners LLC, 1329 State St, Cayce (across from Brookland-Cayce High School), with a catered reception from 6-9pm.

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